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Cash aspect:

  • Hidden signup bonus
  • Heads-up, Doubles, Clan Wars and Tournaments are available
  • Heads-up fees are 25%
  • Tournaments are several, ranging from  5 -  20
  • Tournament fees are 10%
  • Main event tournaments pay up to  500 for the winner, and cash to top 4 places
  • Top earner has nearly  19,000 earnings
  • No Free-rolls

Available games:

All top Sport, Shooter, Fight, Racing, Strategy among several popular games, are available on following consoles:
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • Wii
  • PC


  • Non-visible Support - High complaint on site
  • First player to report will indicate the winner, and it is up to the second player to verify or dispute the result of the game withing 30 minutes of the first player's report. If the second player does not verify the report within 30 minutes, the results are considered final and the prize money will be awarded
  • Settling disputes: Pictures, Screen shots, Emails, Videos, End of games stats
Gamers info:

  • Stakes tend to range over $10 
  • A populated site but diluted over hundreds of games
  • Tournaments never seem to fill its spots
  • Low reputation among several players

Verified: NOT TESTED

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