Pre-game Strategies

There are a few known ways to win real cash on FIFA 12. Here are the most valuable hints  to maximize your FIFA real cash winnings.  

  • Heads up
            (Chose the right opponent)
  • Cheating
            (Technical FIFA 12 cheats)
            (Human FIFA 12 cheats)
  • Proving disconnection
            (Game recording)
  • Maximize profits
            (Winning statistics)

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Heads up: Get the advantage! 

Choose the right FIFA opponent!

The main reasons for a worsened VirginGaming profile reputation are: Lags, Ball-holding upon scoring first,  Quitting upon conceding, or simply just better skills (jealousy).

The most important things to consider which guarantees a good FIFA-for-cash game experience where the upside will be in your favor: 

  • Check Country & Profile.
  • If you're not used to playing with lags, do not play against a player that sends a challenge some distance away as he will have the advantage of experience playing FIFA playing FIFA with lags for cash.  Also, an opponents profile-posts reveals if he for example is a ball-holder after taking a lead. 
  • Hints: 1. Test free game,   2. Check on your console for a "green marked" connection rating with him after a challenge has been made,   3. Check opponents VG profile,   4. Lags equalize skills which could give the worse player a better chance. 

  • Analyze your opponents win/loss ratio and skill level. Example: the more games played, the more experience, hence calm. Be aware, free challenges also count in these statistics. 
  • Hints: 1. Evaluate his win/loss ratio profile,   2. Test free game.

  • Befriend & Try him first for free. You will get the possibility to chat and try out his skills. Also, being friendly in the chat in combination with a badly played low (free) stake challenge creates a great method for hustling. However, beware not to exaggerate as you cannot delete posts in your own  FIFA 12 cash VirginGaming profile.  
  • Hints: 1. Friendly hustle,   2. Purposely make mistakes in free games.
Cheating on FIFA 12 for cash 

The first thing that comes up to mind when talking about cheating on FIFA 12 for cash are programs and scripts or overcoming other walls with hacks. Remember these things first:

Technical FIFA 12 / Virgin Gaming cheats
  • If you have created a hack you also need to create an additional hack to overcome people writing about it in your profile
  • It's plausible cheating on FIFA12 for cash as Virgin has a new system (Feb. 2011). 
  • The best hacks will not generate any great cash amounts, however they should be constructed to give the player an in-game subtle advantage

Human FIFA 12 cheats
  • Quitting during the first 5mins (FIFA time). This is legit!
  • Quitting after conceding is a nono, even during the first 5mins (FIFA time) since the opponent only need to make a print screen with his console or photo with his digital camera, and send the details to an admin at VG
  • However, the opponent may not have taken evidence, so you could reimburse your bet. Have in mind, doing this a few times worsens your profile and also your legitimacy at VG among admins. 
  • Holding the ball after scoring on your own turf until the final whistle. If you don´t challenge a player with custom formations (ex. 3-3-4) and understanding for quick tactics such as "high pressure and ultra attack"
  • Hustling your opponent without him even knowing it (avoiding bad comments in your profile).
Proving disconnections (game recording)

This is the absolute best tutorial on how to record your games (which you use as evidence to Virgin Gaming support). As with me, this guarantees you the win in 100% of your games. You need a video camera for this. If you dont have one, you need to use a digital camera / cell phone to take pictures or videos of your game play.

For this (the best recording) you need:
1. A digital camera
2. A "RCA Y splitter" cable
3. A "RCA to 3.5mm cord" cable

If you wanna be a Pro on Cash Games, this will guarantee you your winnings! Hopefully, for FIFA 13, we wont need this hassle!
Maximize your FIFA profits 

Any skilled and winning gambler is aware of statistics

  • To make the most profit in the long run, and/or when you have climbed up the levels latter, you should play small FIFA cash tournaments. This is because entries are between level 1 to 10 and you avoid the 25% commission when otherwise playing one heads-up game at a time. However, you should play tournaments for a minimum of 2 games before you cash out. 
  • Pure profit for winning 2 games in a row = 240%, and 
  • if you chose to go for a triple winning cash tournament the profit will be 600%, statistically this is my biggest recommendation.  
  • An honest days work is winning two $10 small tournaments (3 rounds) = $120 in pure profit (- a few losses). Remember its tax free ;) 

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