Virgin Gaming Review

This section is a review of becoming a member at Virgin Gaming, click the link to see how you in the easiest way set up everything to be eligible to play FIFA for real cash bets. Here we will be describing what sort of FIFA cash competitions you are able to play at Virgin Gaming.

Cash aspect:

  • Heads-up, and various Tournaments ranging from $3 to a world cup are available
  • Heads-up fees are 25%
  • Tournaments are several and ranging in different forms (see below)
  • Tournament fees tend to be $5 or 10$ and you can cash out at any stage
  • You can sign up for free and receive a $5 free bet (need to wait in the lobby and get invited)

Available games for money:


  • Virgin Gaming is under a fortune 500 organization, it is also the only organization that cooperates with EA Sports regarding real cash play, therefore
  • it has the most reliable Support and FIFA 12 cash play technology
  • Disputes for disconnections is ruled by the online support, and they are the fastest among all sites to solve problems
  • Support asks you for evidence, whether it is not sufficient you might only get your bet returned
  • Occasionally people forfeit loses and logout, so check the persons profile page and chat to do a background check on your opponent

Gamers info:

  • FIFA 12 cash games tend to range around $10 
  • You can also play FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 for cash
  • Limited people available online
  • Low reputation on several players
  • This is a future site, as Virgin Gaming will continue cooperating with EA Sports with FIFA 13 for cash

Verified: Yes
What sort of FIFA cash games can you play at Virgin Gaming?

- Here is the list, and it varies slightly whether you play on an XBOX360 or on a PS3. For more information click on the link-enabled headings below. 

                                            XBOX360                          PS3

Big tournaments                       NO                               YES
(ex. 400k challenge, 
where you need to
surpass several
levels and place
several bets)

Instant tournaments                YES                              YES
(defeat x players in
a row to win up to 7x 
the amount)

Heads up                                 YES                              YES
(1 vs 1, where you
decide what limit
you want to play for)

Free (rolls) games                  YES                              YES
(occasionally you
are invited to play
a 5$ tournament
for free)

If you already have an account, CLICK HERE to start playing FIFA 12 for real cash on Virgin Gaming


  1. I dont think they have the bracket tournament when playing fifa 11 for cash?!?!... cannot find it on virgin

  2. Trump! sure you can play brackets with fifa for cash! But by now i think you probably found it!
    I have managed to win 3 in a row now, 3 to go,, its my second attemp,, its seriously nervous times!

  3. tank you for the link . the download are still working fine

  4. It is hard to come by FIFA 12 for cash reviews at Virgin gaming!! This helped me a lot, and I like that I can trust Virgin because it is such a global and trusted cooperation.

  5. how much money can you make playing on virgin gaming? Especially when it comes to playing fifa 12 for cash?

  6. virgin gaming is a really cool site! I recommend! Its such a good rush, but prepare before you talk with support! Check this site for more info about this!

  7. I love this game because it allow the use of real leagues, clubs, and player names and likenesses within the games.

  8. FIFA 12 for cash reviews at Virgin gaming,This post helped me a lot,Thank you for share.