Detailed Start: Play FIFA for Cash

This is the detailed version on how you should register at Virgin Gaming and start playing FIFA for Cash. Click here if you want to use the Quick Start. Otherwise, please jump to the step most suited for you.

Detailed steps for optimal registration/ income:
  • A console (XBOX360 or PS3)
- Tip: Buy cheap Xbox 360 Live
  • A FIFA 11 or 12 game with Live online-access
- Tip: Buy cheapest FIFA 12 game 
  • A "preferred" 10mbit/ 1mb Internet connection
- Why it is important to play with 10mbit
- Video instruction on steps of signing up
- Register with Facebook
- Enter Gamertag (360) / Username (PS3)
- Can't proceed? Use Google Chrome browser
- Finding and starting various cash games (incl. $5 free tournament bet after registration)
  • Being able to deposit 20$ (minimum - this is what you will play for)
  • Proving winnings 
 Easiest way to set up a full Video-game-recording or other easier methods
Detailed steps to register at Virgin Gaming 
(and how to maximize FIFA winnings)

  1. Have a Console: 

Do not forget that you still need to keep feeding your XBOX Live (gold) membership in order to continue playing online.
 - Do not spend your money on buying it from Microsoft or your regular shop, buy it much cheaper (ex. 40$ for 12 months) FROM HERE
2. Have the latest FIFA game: 

        PAL (European version)

If you do not have it you can buy it new and cheap online FROM HERE (European version)
(Just watch out buying wrong versions of the game to where you live, for example Don't buy an South American or Asian FIFA12 version when you play in Europe "here you need the PAL version")
3. Set up a proper internet connection

I strongly recommend spending time and money to find the most reliable internet provider in your area, with at least a 10mbit/1mb Internet connection.  This prevents lags and delays.

- For ex. There are serious connection issues that delay your game by milliseconds, it may not sound as much, but it will affect several vital situations such as dribbling, passing, and tackling. Remember, you can be playing a big FIFA real cash tournament final when your connection suddenly delays a vital situation. If you immediately feel a bad connection you can log out from the game as usual before the first 5min played without losing your bet.
4. Sign up to Virgin Gaming

8min youtube instruction here (If you really need help)

Otherwise follow these simple steps:

4.1. Sign up at Virgin Gaming here (Email or with Facebook)
- Verify the link sent to you, it might be in your junk mail folder, or even don't arrive as it did for me. So just log on instantly using Facebook!

4.2. Enter your information.
- You must insert you XBOX360 gamer tag or your PS3 Account Username
-And of course, as you are playing FIFA12 for real cash, you will need to fill in all your information rightly. 

4.3. Manage your account.
- At this next step you will have the possibility to immediately deposit the minimum 20$, but it is not required!

4.4. Afterwards you will be taken to the next page where you will choose which console you play, thereafter what game you want to play. You will now be asked to write your XBOX / Playstation ID.
(Some people have experienced problems with not being able to continue these steps. To fix this use the Google Chrome browser)

4.5. Find a FIFA 12 cash game (head to head or tournament) at the top of the screen.

4.6. After you decided what FIFA cash game you want to play, (Heads-up / Tournaments, $5 free tournament upon registration "just wait for announcement in game lobby after registration") check the lobby to see what players are available (choose players from a country close to you to avoid lags). Here you have to chat with the opponent to decide which lobby to meet up at your XBOX360 or PS3.

4.7. Turn on your console, find the lobby, and simply just start the game. The Virgin Gaming engine will ensure the rest.
5. Depositing money

<Methods: Paypal, Master Card & VISA> Now if you did not insert cash into your account upon registration, go to cashier on the Virgin gaming site and top up your online credit with your credit card details or with your Paypal. 20$ is the minimum amount required to play. As a new member you will also get the first 5$ bet for free.

If you are under 18 and play XBOX360 live, I can only suppose that the person who provides you with Microsoft live points also allows and supervises your FIFA 12 cash online gaming. Remember it is at your own risk, and it is real money you can lose if you don't have game!
6. Proving disconnection (Game recording)

This is the absolute best tutorial on how to record your games (which you use as evidence to Virgin Gaming support). As with me, this guarantees you the win in 100% of your games. You need a video camera for this. If you dont have one, you need to use a digital camera / cell phone to take pictures or videos of your game play.

For this (the best recording) you need:
1. A digital camera
2. A "RCA Y splitter" cable
3. A "RCA to 3.5mm cord" cable

If you wanna be a Pro on Cash Games, this will guarantee you your winnings! Hopefully, for FIFA 13, we wont need this hassle to guarantee situations against bad losers!

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  1. this help information on how to start playing fifa for cash was very helpful for me. Unfortunetely I already bought fifa 12 for 60 euro,, and I could get it new for 25 Euro.. Anyway.. off to play fifa for cash now! :))

    1. Well, i bought my fifa 12 from Gamestop,, It was 10 euros more expensive, only to ofind out a few days later i could get it for nearly half the price!! Well well! Now we have to win back our money wit fifa for cash hehehe

  2. My god,, this was a lot of information... jaix...
    I dont recommend people to read everything,, Just read what you need to start playing fifa 12 for cash!

  3. thx for the info! I just bought fifa 12 for my xbox 360 for $39 because of your information! Cant wait till it arrives at my home in a couple days!
    Then it will be time to play for cash soon I hope >)

  4. Good info!! I broke my fifa 12 when i lost a final tournament... I should have cashed out at 50$... hahah... :X

    I hope they deliver the game quick from amazon to UK! anybody know how long time it takes? I must go play fifa 12 for cash soon again!..

    1. It takes 2 days to get your things to UK! I also broke my game... but luckily i have played well when playing fifa 12 for cash! Detailed start.. indeeed.

  5. Smokiesmooch yall! Its time for yall to lick my fifa 12 balls!
    faoahjiglkgnaldasklfn Get ready to play me, and get played so good for cash niggooz!

  6. Are there other cash game sites than just virgin Gaming and playing FIFA 12 for cash???

  7. My problem is in cashier part when i want to deposit 20 $'ll proceed to the page where i need to enter my paypal address and pass and when i do it tells me that im almost done and "You will confirm your payment on Virgin Gaming."
    but when i press continue and come back to virgingaming i get an error and 0$ on my cashier...

    1. Anon, maybe you dont have money on your paypal? >) Otherwise, you should ask the support! It is worth this small issue, its a lot of fun playing fifa 12 for cash! Even fifa 11!

  8. Can we pay from Debit Cards?

    As, i dont have a paypal account neither a credit card.