Quick Start: Play FIFA for Cash

If you are already playing FIFA 12 (11) online and you quickly want to start playing FIFA for cash, that means you already meet the basic needs to start playing FIFA for cash. We have jumped a lot of info for you, but if you are a good player, you should read our shared knowledge on this site if you want to maximize your FIFA profits.  Click here if you want to see detailed steps.

Your basic needs:
  • A console (XBOX360 or PS3)
  • A FIFA 11 or 12 game with Live online-access
  • A "preferred" 10mbit/ 1mb Internet connection
  • Being able to deposit 20$ (minimum - this is what you will play for)
  • Proving winnings

Signing up to Virgin Gaming 
(The only safe FIFA betting website - for other sites see our links thread)

First, click on this link (Virgin Gaming), and proceed with the registration (you can become a free member - hang around the game lobby and you will soon be invited to play a one-time free $5 Tournament bet). 

To avoid usual issues, use the Chrome browser and signup with your Facebook account (not your email).

Good Luck! - But remember, I strongly insist for you not to start playing FIFA for Cash before you read the information on this site!

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  1. This was easy to help me start playing fifa for cash! It works perfect!

    1. Super Easy start to play fifa cash!
      Now I just need win more money ;))))

      BTW.,.. FIFA 12 is the bst game for xbox 360!!

  2. More quick to set up than I expected. Everything works fine! Playing games at virgin gaming now, and it works perfect!

  3. thanks for the quick set up help for my FIFA! I think my Fifa 12 ultimate team days are over! :]

    1. Fifa ultimate team... omg.. I dont think i have played UT for 2 months since i started playing for cash... That was such a waste of money,, and now i make money!

  4. Quick fifa 12 set up instructions with Virgin gaming! Also, thanks for the reviews of the sites where i can play fifa for cash!

  5. Cool! Now I have FIFA 12 for cash ready! thanks for the help!

    Recomend for other players! Works fine, Log in with facebook!
    Good luck on virgin gaming with yall cash games!

  6. Good info on to start playing fifa for cash!
    Can i play fifa 11 for cash too?

  7. I want to know the easiest ways to win on virgin gaming... What is the best forum for fifa 12 for cash!! this forum is quite dead unfortunetely..

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  9. Im having problems

    when i accept a challenge when it gets to the online game vertification and i enter my details, the screen just keeps re-appearing and cant get pass that point to go ahead with the challenge? any idea why? the tech support have been absolloutly useless. my emails schegeni@hotmail.com